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Facial Recognition Attendance System

We build an AI-based Facial Recognition Attendance System to empower organizations with better services and security 

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Enhance Security and Convenience of Your Business

Facial recognition is one of the fastest-growing technologies; it is widely used in mobile phones and tablets to ensure secure access. AI Facial Recognition system is built for identifying a person from a video or image. The technology uses computer vision algorithms to map, analyze, and confirm the identity of a face on a photo or a video. It searches the existing database of faces and compares them with the detected face to find a match.

Our experienced developers build top-notch facial recognition software to suit your business requirements. Our team specializes in implementing facial recognition attendance systems, providing seamless and efficient solutions for workforce management and security enhancement.

What We Have Faced


Industries across various sectors face a wide range of challenges. These challenges can vary depending on the industry and its specific circumstances, but some common challenges faced by industries include:

Inaccurate attendance record

Wrong detection with manual attendance check

Access control

Unauthorised access leading to security gaps

Misuse of authentication system

Exploiting vulnerabilities in authentication processes

Applications and use cases of AI-Powered Facial Recognition

  • Criminal identification of suspects
  • Onboarding of clients
  • Access control
  •  Security and surveillance
  • Identity fraud prevention
  • Event registrations
  • Airport operations
  • Financial services verification
  • Smartphone unlocking
  • Retail analytics
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ThirdEye AI Product Capabilities

Facial recognition system rely on distinct facial characteristics for identification and verification. It analyzes facial features such as the size and shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as the distances between these features, to create a unique facial template for each individual.

FR Kiosk/ Turnstile IoT integration

Seamlessly integrate facial recognition technology into kiosks and turnstiles for efficient access control and visitor management

Geo-Fencing Attendance via App

Enable precise attendance tracking through geofencing technology integrated with our user-friendly mobile app.

Fraud Prevention- Liveliness Detection

Safeguard against fraudulent attempts with advanced liveliness detection features, ensuring the authenticity of facial recognition interactions

Offline Attendance Mode

Maintain operational continuity even in offline environments with our offline attendance mode, ensuring reliable attendance tracking under any conditions

Attendance Reports & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into attendance trends and patterns through comprehensive reports and analytics, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Integration ERP- Seamlessly

Integrate with existing ERP systems to streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiency across your organization

How Our FR Product Works


Camera or sensor captures an individual’s face, during an enrollment or authentication process


Identifies and locates the face in the captured image or video frame


Analyzes the facial features, such as the shape, size, and relative positions of the eyes, nose, mouth, and other unique characteristics


Based on the analysis, a digital representation of the face, called a faceprint


During verification or face identification, the captured face is compared against the stored faceprints in the database

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Benefits of the FR Attendance System

Enhanced Security

Identify suspicious individuals and verify identities quickly.

Fraud Prevention

Secure financial transactions and other sensitive activities with facial verification

Streamlined Attendance

Automate time and attendance tracking for effortless management

Seamless User Experience

Unlock devices and access accounts with a convenient and user-friendly experience

Fast & Contactless Verification

Verify identities quickly and hygienically with facial recognition

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