AI-based Facial Recognition (FR) System

We build an AI-based Facial Recognition System to empower organizations with better services and security.

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Facial Recognition Attendance Software Applications

Integrate attendance software with current systems to improve data administration and the creation of insights.

Gate Security Management

An easy-to-use and practical gate security solution that prevents unwanted entry and increases the security of premises.

Time and attendance

Record and manage employee time and attendance with AI-powered facial recognition and cloud-based data management.

Visitor management

An identification system powered by artificial intelligence to improve the visitor experience and strengthen the security of the facility.


A dynamic payroll management solution that helps organizations automate the employee payroll process.

Field Force Management

Digitize your field operations – A unified solution for monitoring, planning and managing your field workers.

Canteen management

Run your canteens with ease and get accurate strikes on canteen facilities and manage food purchase balance.

Employee self-service

Enable remote and field staff to record attendance and tag and manage sheets from their phone.

Features of our FR System

Touch-free Identification

Utilizes AI-powered computer vision for detecting and recognizing faces without physical contact.

Swift and Precise

Achieves face recognition in under a second, boasting an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Real Person Recognition

Incorporates a patented algorithm to distinguish between actual individuals and photographs.

Comprehensive Security

Offers secure cloud storage with AES-128 encryption and HTTPS protocol, ensuring both data protection and convenient access.

Top Biometric Facial Recognition System for every need

Revolutionize your operations with our AI-powered facial recognition attendance system. Say goodbye to manual processes as we offer a comprehensive suite of user identification and personnel management solutions that are reliable, flexible, scalable, and fully customizable to suit your needs.

AI Enabled Devices

Offline attendance systems, designed to seamlessly operate without an internet connection.

AI Attendance Suite

AI facial recognition and access control devices and facial recognition software

AI-based SaaS Bundle

Touchless time and attendance solutions ready to deploy on your device.

Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Facial Recognition Technology

Our Facial Recognition Attendance System offers a comprehensive feature that prioritizes security, accuracy, speed, and compliance. Transforming Businesses by Integrating Innovative Technology and Providing Optimized Solutions that Add Quantifiable Value to Your Organization. Let us help you drive organizational efficiency and create a happier, more productive workforce!

Ease of Use

Facial Recognition Attendance System automates employee attendance, requiring only a scan at entry and exit.

Time Saving

It is a faster than thumb impression and IRIS recognition, saving time, especially for large premises and eliminates queues for marking attendance in an efficient and convenient manner.

Reports and Analytics

Our attendance system generates detailed reports and department/employee statistics, allowing customization as needed.

No Risk of Proxy

Facial recognition technology prevents proxy attendance, guaranteeing the authenticity of records.

ThirdEye AI Facial Recognition Mobile App

Our highly secure face recognition application works on the principle of face perception, where it detects and captures a face with images already stored in the database.

Features Include- 

Employee Profile – Often considered the cornerstone of a database, it offers insights into an individual’s professional background.

GPS Location – Employing the global positioning system, this feature enables employers to track employees’ locations, especially during fieldwork.

Attendance History – Easily access and review past attendance records within the application.

Identity Recognition – A software tool verifying identity through facial detection.

Selfie Attendance – This function eliminates proxy attendance, allowing employees to mark their attendance accurately with a selfie.

Device Health Monitoring Ensures seamless operation by continuously monitoring the health and performance of the system’s devices. 

ThirdEye AI Facial Recognition Web App

Facial Recognition System is a smart system that allows organization & Users to manage their Attendance Management systems through their facial features. It Opens up the functionality to users to mark their attendance using their face only. Users can also track their attendance record from the system.
Our Face Recognition application sports several advanced features that make it a lot more than just some run-off-the-mill Face Recognition software.

FR Transaction Report – Generates detailed reports of facial recognition transactions, providing insights into usage and activities.

Employee Database – Allows administrators to add new employees, perform bulk uploads, edit existing entries, and delete records as needed.

Device Monitoring – Users can oversee and manage all connected devices to ensure they are functioning correctly and updated. 

Real-time Analytics – Provides instant insights on attendance patterns and in-punch counts, supporting prompt decision-making. 

8″ Facial recognition device 

Improve employee productivity with AI Enabled time & Attendance solution 

Fast and powerful Android wall devices for user identification. Ideal for small, medium and large organizations regardless of industry 

Advanced Tablet with AI-based Face Recognition: 

Pre-installed AI Software: 

The tablet comes with advanced AI-based face recognition software. 

Ensures contactless identification for time and attendance tracking, among other uses. 

FacePass Device Capabilities:

Operates offline without requiring the ThirdEye AI cloud application. 

Can store attendance data for up to 365 days (about 12 months). 

Local Data Storage and Export Options: 

Attendance data and face recognition logs are stored locally on the device. 

Data can be exported via FTP through scheduled jobs or manually downloaded. 

Facial Recognition Device

Why Choose ThirdEye AI for Facial Recognition System?

ThirdEye AI stands out as the leading provider of AI-powered facial recognition solutions.  We empower organizations of all sizes with a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance security, streamline processes, and improve user experience. Here’s what sets us apart
Cutting-edge Technology: Our AI-powered facial recognition technology ensures high accuracy and reliability.
Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate our solutions into your existing systems and workflows.
Scalable: Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our technology scales to fit your requirements.
Security: We prioritize data security and privacy, implementing robust measures to protect your information.
Exceptional Support: Our dedicated team provides outstanding customer support to ensure a smooth experience.

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