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About Field SalesForce Monitoring


In today’s dynamic and competitive landscape, organisations often have teams working in the field, be it sales representatives, service technicians, delivery personnel, or surveyors. These field workers play a critical role in driving the success and growth of the company.

Third Eye AI’s Field Salesforce Monitoring is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to keep a close eye on their mobile workforce, no matter where they are operating. With the power of advanced technology and data analytics, this innovative approach provides real-time visibility into field operations, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and achieve peak performance.

Field Salesforce Monitoring equips businesses with the tools they need to monitor the activities, location, and performance of their field workforce, ensuring efficient operations and improved customer experiences.

Through GPS tracking, data collection, attendance, visitor, location tracking, activity logging and analytics, it helps businesses streamline field activities, optimize routes, and allocate resources strategically. 

What We Have Faced


Industries across various sectors face a wide range of challenges. These challenges can vary depending on the industry and its specific circumstances, but some common challenges faced by industries include:

Real-time visibility on location & activities of field workers

No visibility on the actual location of field workers

No visibility on data and tracking

Limited data visibility and insight tracking

Inaccurate attendance data

Discrepancy in attendance records

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Solution Capabilities

The Field Salesforce Monitoring solution offers features like:


Mobile application for salesforce


Geo-restricted attendance


GPS based visit adherence


Real-time user visit tracking


Live Route Tracking


Attendance reports & analytics

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Value Delivered


Enhanced Accountability

Real-Time Visibility

Streamlined Reporting

Increased Productivity

Attendance Data Accuracy

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